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10 Jan 2024

Mapped: The Top Middle East Exports by Country


9 Jan 2024

Money is flowing out of China for the first time in over 25 years

Source: AnilVohra1962, Safe, Macrobond, Clock Tower

20 Dec 2023

In just 5 days, $SPY has taken in $50B+, more than any other ETF YTD! This is the biggest 5-day take for $SPY since January 2018

This is the biggest 5-day take for $SPY since January 2018. FYI - the following week Jan 30, 2018, was vol-maggeon, (the $VIX went from 12 to 50 in 3 days and the $SPX plunged 10+% in 9 days) Source: Jim Bianco

15 Nov 2023

Fund flows continue to move to the US at the expense of the rest of the world

Source: Michael A. Arouet, Goldman Sachs

25 Oct 2023

Great ICI-inspired chart showing three of the biggest trends in one shot:

active to passive, mutual fund to ETF and high cost to low cost. Active equity MFs have seen outflows every year for a decade equaling $2.3T (altho their aum still ok bc of bull mkt subsidy) via @JSeyff via Eric Balchunas / Bloomberg

3 Oct 2023

The new safety trade

-> An incredible $993 billion has gone into money market funds since the Fed started raising rates in March 2020. Inflows to money market funds are well ahead those seen in 2015, 2004, 1999 and 1994 rate hike cycles. Why take risk on your "safety" trade when you can make 5% risk-free? Source: The Kobeissi Letter

25 Sep 2023

Flows are still not coming into publicly-listed bitcoin funds (including etfs)

Source: JPM, TME

4 Sep 2023

Is the market too complacent? retail investor flows are exceeding 2021 highs

Source: Topdown charts, vanda research via FT

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