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25 Jan 2024

Depressed China

China as % of global net exposure is at the lowest levels in "modern times". Source: Goldman Sachs, TME

15 Jan 2024

"Positioning is extremely long... Non-dealer positioning in US index futures is at a all-time highs. Systematic positioning (CTAs + Vol Control + Risk Parity) is near 1y highs."

Source: JP Morgan, TME

12 Jan 2024

Speculators have built their largest short U.S. Dollar position since 2020 and one of the largest in history

Source: barchart

8 Jan 2024

Sentiment and overly bullish positioning remain short-term hurdles for the stock market

Too positive

5 Jan 2024

Citi, JPMorgan, BofA and Morgan Stanley have collectively reduced their exposure to China by about a fourth since 2020

Source: Lisa Abramowicz, Bloomberg

12 Dec 2023

The net long positioning on the Nasdaq 100 by asset managers and leveraged funds is at a record high

When a trade becomes this crowded, how long until things reverse course? Source: Rosenberg Research

29 Nov 2023

They just started buying gold...

CTAs have reversed the gold short into a long, but they could be buying much more on the back of this break out. They are more than happy to play this momentum move... Source: Bloomberg, TME

16 Nov 2023

Pershing Square (Bill Ackman) discloses updated portfolio positions in 13F filing

Increased positions $GOOGL (to ~4.35 mln shares from ~2.19 mln shares), $HLT (to ~10.31 mln from ~9.33 mln), $HHH (~16.8 mln shares, from ~16.6 mln) Maintained positions in: $QSR (~23.35 mln shares), $CP (~15.1 mln shares), $GOOG (~9.38 mln shares), $CMG (~0.95 mln shares) Decreased positions in: $LOW (to ~7.07 mln shares from ~7.47 mln shares) Source: Ripster

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