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Binance takes a large punch from the SEC, leaving them bruised, but alive Binance’s labyrinthine operational shady dealings have long been crypto’s ‘known unknown’. For that reason, news that the company has been landed with one of the largest corporate penalties in US history came as no surprise. The crypto industry has been aware its largest exchange has been operating illicitly for years. Binance turned a blind eye to its legal obligations for KYC / AML, enabling the potential for funds to flow to terrorists and other criminals through its platform. This Tuesday, the industry breathed a sigh of relief as Binance took their hit: $4.3bln fine, CZ the CEO stepping down, with an expectation of sentencing later. We are pleased action has finally been taken and believe Binance’s settlement with US regulators is a long-term positive development for a number of reasons.

29 November 2023

FTX marked the end of the beginning. In the wake of its dramatic collapse, the cryptocurrency industry awoke to harsh realities. The fevered speculation of skyrocketing NFT prices has been replaced by sober debate around regulation, scrutiny over use cases, value, and environmental impact. While some purists may still harbour hopes that crypto will return to its fully decentralised roots, the truth is that the FTX saga was a seismic moment for digital assets. It has compelled the crypto world to mature and incorporate elements of the traditional financial sector to protect investors.

27 November 2023

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