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At the end of the week, a major event will take place in the cryptocurrency world. It's called the bitcoin halving. Scheduled 15 years ago, this process occurs approximately every four years, making bitcoin rarer over time. Preview below.

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Insights and research on global events shaping the markets

US inflation is accelerating, federal debt is projected to double from $20 trillion in 2017 to $40 trillion by 2025, but the S&P 500 continues to show resilience. Each week, the Syz investment team takes you through the last seven days in seven charts.

Following unexpectedly high U.S. inflation data for March, the ECB has taken a decisive step with its latest monetary policy decisions. Indicating a readiness to initiate rate cuts sooner and potentially more aggressively than the Federal Reserve, the ECB is responding to the diverging economic paths between the Eurozone and the U.S. This strategic divergence underscores the ECB's intention to tailor its policy measures to the unique economic conditions within the Eurozone.



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