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As demonstrated in the recent European elections, populism is in vogue in many developed countries. This is a long-term trend with major macroeconomic consequences.

1. The long view by Adrien Pichoud,Chief Economist 2. European equities: reasons to be fearful, reasons to be cheerful by Gaël Combes,Head of Equities 3. Fixed income: OAT spreads on the rise while credit spreads remain well behaved by Gaël Fichan, Senior Portfolio Manager – Head of Fixed Income 4. Forex: Euro is (again) under pressure by Adrien Pichoud



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Insights and research on global events shaping the markets

The SNB has lowered its key rate again today, to 1.25%, after the previous 25bp cut decided in March. This decision appears grounded in a combination of three factors: inflation is on a stable and moderate trajectory, economic growth remains soft and excessive upward pressures on the CHF may arise during the summer.. With this decision, the SNB has likely completed its monetary policy recalibration and is unlikely to cut rates further this year.. Should European or global developments trigger volatility and upward pressures on the CHF, the SNB will probably resort to interventions on the FX market to manage the impact on the economy, rather than use the interest rate lever.



Executive Summary: The Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee meets on June 20th with expectations set for maintaining the current Bank Rate amid recent economic and inflationary developments. Despite a strong initial performance in June, the UK government bonds have stagnated since the last BOE meeting. • Watch This: The focus is on the number of MPC members supporting a rate cut (currently 2 out of 9) and any forward guidance regarding future rate adjustments. • Market Strategy: Preference for the short end over the back end of the UK government yield curve continues, as GBP strengthens amidst differing economic dynamics between the US and UK.



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