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Beyond crypto currencies, blockchain has a wide range of applications: storing documents (diplomas, digital identity), real estate information, etc. To facilitate these applications, it is very useful to use non-fungible tokens.

Below are the top 10 events and surprises that could impact financial markets and the global economy in the New Year. These are not forecasts, but potential macro-economic, geopolitical or market events that are not anticipated by the financial markets. We also try to assess the probability of occurrence (high, medium, low) of each of them.

As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, the financial markets anticipate the Santa Claus Stock Rally, a period where stock prices often rise from Thanksgiving to the end of December. This phenomenon encapsulates a mix of historical trends, investor behavior, and market analysis. This article will explore its historical performance, influencing factors, and its potential prospects for 2023 amidst current economic challenges.

1,7 trillion dollars. That’s the amount of student debt in the United States. Payment delays and defaults on these loans could have repercussions for many sectors of the economy.

WeWork, the coworking company founded by the charismatic Adam Neumann, has declared bankruptcy. And it's about to try for the umpteenth time to relaunch itself.

Here's the vision from the owner of Tesla and Space X: by the end of 2024, X (the late Twitter) should be able to offer a bouquet of financial services, i.e. bank accounts, online payments, investment advice and management. Preview below.

Three weeks ago, LVMH shares lost up to 8.5% of its market value in a single day following the publication of lower-than-expected third-quarter sales. Fashion, leather goods, wines and spirits suffered a sharp slowdown in demand in most regions. LVMH shares are now down nearly 30% from their April high. And the Group headed by Bernard Arnault is not an isolated case...

Open banking is a rapidly growing industry with a market size valued at US 20.2 billion in 2022 and a projected CAGR of 20.5% from 2023 to 2032, fuelled by the escalating demand for digital banking.

Uranium, a heavy metal known for its dense properties and radioactive isotopes, has recently become the focal point of discussions and analyses in the financial and energy sectors. This element, which is fundamental to the production of nuclear energy, has witnessed a significant surge in prices and attention, marking a pivotal moment in the global commodity markets.

U.S. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, or TIPS, stand out as a distinctive class of U.S. government bonds meticulously crafted to shield investors from the corrosive effects of inflation. While the value of traditional bonds gradually erodes due to inflation, TIPS promise a different path. Their value adjusts in harmony with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).



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