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"Embedded finance" is gradually establishing itself as a major, innovative trend. What is Embedded Finance ? What are the benefits and threats for companies, financial institutions and end users?

Here are a handful of relatively simple principles and formulas that can be particularly useful when growing and managing your savings.

Despite financial crises, pandemics and geopolitical tensions, the luxury goods market has performed remarkably well over the last 15 years.

After the subprime crisis in 2008 and the collapse of the malls during the pandemic, are we going to see another real estate crisis in the United States?

The world's largest asset manager has just filed an application with the US regulator to launch what could become the first ETF directly invested in bitcoin. What are the chances of success? What are the consequences?

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to create new opportunities, but also to lead to job losses. Which way will the balance tip?

Ever since index funds - also known as passive investments - have existed, there has been an endless debate about their merits versus active management. Proponents of active and passive investment management styles have made exhaustive and valid arguments for and against both approaches. At Bank Syz, we do not endorse one style over the other. Rather, our goal is to understand and define the characteris tics of each approach in order to determine which best suits our client needs.

Chipmaker Nvidia has just joined the exclusive club of stocks with a market capitalization in excess of 1 trillion dollar. Is this valuation justified?

Is it possible and sensible to introduce cryptocurrencies and other digital assets into a discretionary management mandate? Find out more below.

Japanese equities remain neglected by managers. But the return of inflation, improving fundamentals, attractive valuations and better corporate governance are a recipe for renewed investor appetite.

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