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The Asia House Annual Outlook 2024 classifies it as one of the best positioned markets in Asia-Pacific for 2024. Nestled beside the giant China, Vietnam aspires to become a high-income country by 2045, relying on a growing economy, strong manufacturing activity and rising middle class. This article offers a comprehensive view of Vietnam's potential and obstacles on its path to economic prosperity.

Why the end of negative interest rates is no obstacle to the continued bull market in Japanese equities?

Why women are better investors than men?



Women are rising in the investment world, starting earlier and prioritizing sustainability. Their long-term vision, risk awareness, and research-driven approach contribute to a unique and impactful investing style.



Which investment strategies are likely to generate the best long-term returns on equity markets?

After an exceptional year in 2023, major US technology stocks are reaching new heights, thanks notably to the artificial intelligence (AI) hype. Are we reliving a phenomenon similar to that of the Internet bubble of the 2000s?

Joe Biden's administration has put in place a vast investment programme that should strengthen the United States' dominant industrial position, particularly vis-à-vis Europe. But at what cost?

Disappointing performance from some ESG-labelled ETFs, record numbers of ESG fund closures in the US, increasing cases of "greenwashing"... Responsible investment is at a turning point. Find out more below.

The obesity drugs market offers substantial investment opportunities. Find out more in the FOCUS note attached.

While some 'secular' investment themes are strongly represented in portfolios (e.g. the 'Magnificent 7'), this is not the case for other bull markets. We have identified 5 of them.

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