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The artificial intelligence lab that developed ChatGPT is now valued at $29 billion. How does OpenAI generate revenue? What is its business model?

2023 started with a mirror image of the trends that prevailed last year: the US dollar is weakening, bond yields are falling and stocks are rising. Are we witnessing a classical positive seasonal effect or is the improving sentiment a reflection of a macroeconomic and fundamental outlook improvement?

In weightlifting, weights are loaded at opposite ends of the bar. In the investment world, it is also possible to focus on the two ends of the risk scale and avoid the “boring middle”.

This could be one of the most important geostrategic and economic developments of the coming decades: the emancipation of the emerging super powers.

While inflation seems to have peaked in the US, central banks need to keep tightening for a while in order to bring it closer to their long-term target. This would probably imply a recession, with a negative impact on earnings growth.

Musk’s stock sales push Tesla share price down, while rates hikes take place across the board and US inflation starts cooling. Each week, the Syz investment team takes you through the last seven days in seven charts.

WALKING A FINE LINE H1/2023 Global growth slowdown and an end to 20 years of quantitative easing will change the face of finance in 2023.

Below are the top 10 events and surprises that could mark the financial markets and the global economy in the New Year. We believe that these events and surprises are vanilla ones. Nevertheless, we also try to assess the probability of occurrence (high, medium, low) for each one.

Hong Kong's foreign exchange reserves continue to fall as the authorities struggle to keep the HKD in the 7.75 - 7.85 range.

Despite its immense potential and outstanding performance over the past 30 years, India remains underrepresented in international portfolios.

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