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According to Statista, the 10 largest asset management companies manage approximately 30% of the world’s assets under management as of June 2024. And it’s unlikely that this concentration of assets has fallen over the past two years. How can we explain such a craze for management behemoths?

The recent presidential elections in Mexico, held on June 2, 2024, have created both uncertainty and opportunity in the bond market. Despite short-term volatility, there is a strong case for increasing exposure to Mexican sovereign bonds in local currency. Mexico benefits from a strong relationship with the United States and structural shifts like nearshoring, making it a promising landscape for fixed income investments.



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Insights and research on global events shaping the markets

• Political and fiscal uncertainty: the Rassemblement National's (RN) gains in the European elections introduce political and fiscal uncertainty into France's fixed income market. Key risks include potential policy shifts towards increased public spending, undermined investor confidence, and heightened market volatility. • Market reactions: immediate market reactions have already seen selloffs in bonds, with increased yields on French government bonds (OATs) and a steepened yield curve. Foreign investors are particularly concerned about capital outflows and the broader economic implications within the Eurozone. • Credit rating downgrade: the recent S&P downgrade highlights the need for careful monitoring of France's credit rating and its impacts on the fixed income market. • Future risks: if the RN performs similarly in the upcoming legislative elections, the risk to France's bonds could intensify, driven by potential shifts in fiscal policy and sustained political uncertainty



The US job market shows mixed signals, the ECB cuts rates and Nvidia overtakes Apple's market cap! Each week, the Syz investment team takes you through the last seven days in seven charts.

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