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As financial markets brace for the release of Japan’s April 2024 Core Consumer Price Index (CPI), expected to slow to 2.4% from March’s 2.9%, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) stands at a pivotal junction. This forthcoming data, a stark contrast to the peak of 4.3% in July 2023, highlights the complexity of the BoJ’s monetary policy landscape amid a significantly depreciated yen. The continued weakness of the yen, despite ending the world’s only negative interest rate policy in March, underscores the profound challenges the BoJ faces. This focus explores the strategic manoeuvres within the larger context of global economic pressures, examining the implications of potential policy shifts not just for Japan, but for the broader global fixed income markets.



Banking giant HSBC has just embarked on the tokeniszation of gold, enabling the precious metal to be invested and traded digitally.

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Following its quarterly results, Nvidia's stock surpassed $1,000 per share. Ether (ETH) saw a significant rise ahead of the anticipated launch of the first spot ETFs and the cost of servicing the US public debt is projected to surpass defence spending. Each week, the Syz investment team takes you through the last seven days in seven charts.

In just ten days, the ECB will unveil its latest policy decisions, potentially starting with a modest rate cut of 25 basis points. While this initial step is anticipated, the path beyond remains clouded in uncertainty, highlighting the unpredictable economic landscape we find ourselves navigating.



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