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• Mo'vember marks best month for US bonds in 40 years as investors anticipate rate cuts in 2024 • Global bond and stock markets added over $11 trillion in capitalization in November. That is the second biggest monthly gain in history (Nov 2020 added $12.5 trillion). • Gold and digital (aka Bitcoin) surged while dollar dumped.

Strong US Economy proves resilient in face of tightening financial conditions. In October, global stocks declined due to concerns about rising interest rates and the Israel-Hamas conflict, while the US economy remained strong. The US dollar strengthened for the third consecutive month, reaching its highest monthly close since November 2022. Gold continued to be a top choice for hedging against economic uncertainties, and Bitcoin experienced its best month since January 2023, with its price surpassing $35,000. Each month, the Syz investment team takes you through the last month in ten charts.


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