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When fear grips investors, the market can appear to be full of phantoms and poltergeists. As an explosive 2021 reaches another volatile cross-roads, investors have a lot to contend with – spiking treasury yields, ructions in the tech market, and a yet unresolved global pandemic. In times of upheaval or economic disruption, investors, directed by deep-wired psychological conditioning, are often led to exaggerate and extrapolate trends for future events. On the current extreme pole of anxiety, some investors are concerned newly elected President Biden’s fiscal largess could unleash the dreaded return of proper inflation in the West’s foremost economic stronghold.



Staggering spikes in Covid-19 cases, all too expected Brexit disruptions and shocking anti-democratic developments in the US kicked off 2021 with a bang. From a different vantage point, however, the beginning of 2021 can be seen as positive. Vaccines roll-outs are bringing us closer to the end of the pandemic, uncertainty around Brexit is over and a Democrat majority in the US Senate will enable enhanced fiscal support.



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