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1 Feb 2024

The two largest economies in Africa are under huge financial strain.

On Monday, Nigeria de facto devalued the naira by ~30% (after another ~30% devaluation in June). And Egypt is under pressure to devalue too, with the pound ~50% weaker in the black market. Source: Javier Blas Bloomberg

8 Aug 2023

Trade recession across Asia? China just reported a deeper-than-forecast drop in exports

China said Tuesday that exports fell by 14.5% in July from a year ago, while imports dropped by 12.4% in U.S. dollar terms. That’s worse than what analysts had expected. A Reuters poll predicted a 12.5% decline in exports in July from a year ago, in U.S. dollar terms. Imports were expected to have dropped by 5% during that time, according to the poll. This drop is consistent with weakness just about everywhere in the region. Source: David Ingles, CNBC, Bloomberg

8 Aug 2023

Most of Africa is a no fly zone right now

Source: financelot

7 Aug 2023

A map of African countries that have signed military agreements with Russia.

Source: Jackson Hinkle, The Cradle

10 Jul 2023

Africa Natural Reserves

Africa has about 12% of the world’s oil reserves, 42% of its gold, 80%–90% of chromium and platinum group metals, and 60% of arable land in addition to vast timber resources. Source: MentorQpro


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