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29 Jan 2024

NARROWNESS >>> The top 13 stocks have driven the whole of the S&P’s YTD upside with the top five contributing ~70%

Source: Bloomberg, TME

29 Jan 2024

How are the 'Magnificent 7' Tech Stocks doing so far this year?

Nvidia Is Up +23.2% $NVDA. Meta Is Up +11.3% $META. Alphabet Is Up +9.1% $GOOGL. Microsoft Is Up +7.4% $MSFT. Amazon Is Up +4.7% $AMZN. 🔴 Apple Is Down -0.1% $AAPL 🔴 Tesla Is Down -26.2% $TSLA Source: Jesse Cohen, Bloomberg

26 Jan 2024

Intel $INTC, is down 10% after-hours after providing weaker than expected guidance in their earnings release

The move lower has erased $20 billion in market cap in just two hours. Intel provided Q1 2024 EPS guidance of $0.13, which is well below expectations of $0.34. They are also guiding Q1 2024 revenue of $12.2B-$13.2B, below expectations of $14.2B. The question becomes if this weakness is an Intel issue or an industry-wide issue. Source: The Kobeissi Letter

26 Jan 2024

Tesla shares plunged 12% in worst trading day since 2020 after automaker warns of slowdown

Note that short interest as a % of equity float is near record low... Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

25 Jan 2024

The Nasdaq 100:

- if you bought at the December 2022 low, you are up 64% - if you bought at the 2021 high. you are up 5%. - if you bought at March 2020 lows, you are up 150% Source: Bespoke, TME

24 Jan 2024

Could this signal a bottom in Hong Kong stock market?

The index's P/B is now at a level that preceded the three biggest rallies (81%, 43%, 55%) over the last decade. Source: Bloomberg, David Ingles

23 Jan 2024

As of January 19th, NVIDIA $NVDA and Microsoft $MSFT had accounted for about 75% of the S&P 500's gain this year, while the 20 largest stocks in the index accounted for 110% of the index's upside move

The remaining ~480 stocks were acting as a drag. Source: Bespoke

22 Jan 2024

The SP500 just snapped a 512 trading day streak without hitting a new all-time high, the 6th longest in history. Here is how the $SPX responded the 5 previous times:

Source: Barchart

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