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4 Apr 2024

Amazing chart by Quartr.

It's quite astonishing: despite the NASDAQ 100's special mid-2023 rebalancing, the combined weight of $MSFT, $AAPL, $NVIDIA, $AMZN, $GOOGL, and $META still constitutes a substantial 38% of the index. Without this rare adjustment, the second of its kind in the last 25 years, these companies would currently represent 58% of the index.

3 Apr 2024

Maybe we have hit the pain threshold...

i,e the hashtag#nasdaq green line) can not move higher as the number of rate cuts expected for this year (red line) keeps decreasing... Source:, Bloomberg

27 Mar 2024

BREAKING: The Nasdaq Composite index is officially up 30% from its October 2023 low.

That's a 30% gain in 5 months or an average of 6% per month since October. To put this in perspective, the median ANNUAL return for the S&P 500 is 10%. This means that the Nasdaq has TRIPLED the median sp500 return in just 5 months. The top 10% of stocks in the S&P 500 also now reflect 75% of the index. Tech stocks have never been more powerful. Source: The Kobeissi Letter

22 Mar 2024

Here are the Equally-weighted Nasdaq100 and S&P500.

If these two are above their former cycle highs, it's hard to be too bearish on this market. Source: J-C Parets

15 Mar 2024

Believe it or not oil is outperforming the NASDAQ this year

Source: Bloomberg

27 Feb 2024

Four companies have accounted for over 90% of the market cap gains in the Nasdaq 100 this year.

Source: Bloomberg, Tavi Costa

26 Feb 2024

It's been 309 trading days since ChatGPT was released on 11/30/22 and the Nasdaq is up 46.07%.

In the 309 trading days after Netscape (the first web browser) was released in December 1994, the Nasdaq was up 45.9%. Source: TME

23 Feb 2024

S&P, NASDAQ 100 & DJIA closed at RECORD HIGH

Source: Bloomberg

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