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23 Feb 2024

S&P, NASDAQ 100 & DJIA closed at RECORD HIGH

Source: Bloomberg

20 Feb 2024

Big Tech Concentration in one chart

The spread of Nasdaq 100 over Nasdaq Composite is near ATH! Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

6 Feb 2024

The short term gap is huge. NASDAQ futs vs US 10 year (inv), 10 min 3 mths chart.

Source: TME

25 Jan 2024

The Nasdaq 100:

- if you bought at the December 2022 low, you are up 64% - if you bought at the 2021 high. you are up 5%. - if you bought at March 2020 lows, you are up 150% Source: Bespoke, TME

25 Jan 2024

'The Nasdaq 100 valuation has disconnected from real rates.'

Source: The Daily Shot, Win Smart

18 Jan 2024

Given apple $APPL woes, nvidia $NVDA is in charge of doing all the heavy lifting of the Nasdaq 100 $QQQ

Source: Trend Spider

18 Jan 2024

Fortune favors the patient investor. NASDAQ Returns By Year Since Inception

by Quartr

10 Jan 2024

Speculators have built the largest nasdaq long position in history according to CFTC data

Positioning remains a short-term issue for equity markets. Source: Barchart

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