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25 Jan 2024

Bitcoin Halving in Just 80 Days 🤔

Ever wondered where Bitcoin was 80 days before in the previous Halvings ? - In 2016, BTC was -62% below its ATH - In 2020, BTC was -52% below its ATH - In 2024, BTC is currently -42% below its ATH So, even if it seems like Bitcoin's price isn't moving much, it's following a similar pattern to previous cycles. Source: Mags

23 Jan 2024

Only a tiny fraction of the world owns bitcoin, and after the halving in April, only 1.3125/21M btc will be left to be mined

Source: Walker

11 Jan 2024

"I got next" effect on ethereum...

Source: J-C Parets

10 Jan 2024

Bitcoin on a roller coaster after SEC drama

Shortly after the market close on Tuesday, the SEC's X account posted an announcement that it had approved bitcoin ETFs to begin trading, something that has been widely anticipated by the crypto market. That post was made by an imposter and was deleted soon after. About 15 minutes after SEC's imposter post, SEC chair Gary Gensler said from his X account that no bitcoin ETFs had been approved. “The SEC’s @SECGov X/Twitter account has been compromised. The unauthorized tweet regarding bitcoin ETFs was not made by the SEC or its staff,” an SEC spokesperson told CNBC. The price of bitcoin briefly spiked after the initial post, but then quickly slid below $46,000. Source: Bloomberg, CNBC, HolgerZ

7 Dec 2023

Ether $ETH is at the lowest relative level versus Bitcoin $BTC since June 2022


7 Dec 2023

JUST IN: 20,000 blocks remain until Bitcoin halving

Source: Watcher Guru

6 Dec 2023

“Mr. 4MM” buys Bitcoin for approx. $4 million USD, several times a day, regardless of the price

He already bought 2x $4mm today. Source: CC15Capital

5 Dec 2023

Last year, BlackRock launched a spot bitcoin private trust for institutional clients in the United States - see below. This PRIVATE trust was launched in 2022 with coinbase as custodian

The move comes at a time when the global cryptocurrency industry has been caught in the crosshairs of the U.S. securities regulator on alleged violations of securities laws. Could it be that BlackRock has been buying Bitcoin throughout the whole bear market using this PRIVATE trust?

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