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12 Jun 2024

Trump want all the remaining Bitcoin to be MADE IN THE USA

Source: Bitcoin Archive

12 Jun 2024


ICBC: “Ethereum has been continuously upgrading its technology in terms of security, scalability and sustainability, providing technical power for the digital future. In addition, the introduction and development of stablecoins provide a bridge for the digital currency market to connect to the real world.” ICBC described Ethereum as the “digital oil.” Being Turing-complete and having its own programming language, Solidity, allows developers to deploy complex smart contracts and dApps. This has made Ethereum the mainstay in inventive new fields such as NFTs and DeFi “and is gradually extending to the physical infrastructure network.” Source: Crypto News Flash thru Mario Nawfal

11 Jun 2024

Bitcoin balance on exchanges just hit all-time low. Is a supply shock coming?

Source: Vivek⚡️

10 Jun 2024

The great demand-supply imbalance: Spot Bitcoin ETFs bought 25,700 BTC last week, while miners only produced 2,250 BTC.

Source: Bitcoin magazine

7 Jun 2024

Robinhood $HOOD has acquired cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp for $200 million

Source: Barchart

5 Jun 2024

Bitcoin $70,000 bang in line with stock to flow model... like a clockwork...

Source: PlanB

5 Jun 2024

$BTC is giving a masters class on multiple timeframe analysis.

Source: Steven Strazza, All Charts

4 Jun 2024

Bitcoin is growing faster than the internet.

Source: Vivek⚡️

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