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11 Apr 2024

Money market fund levels to record high of $6.111 trillion

Source: WinfieldSmart

15 Mar 2024

Money-market fund assets rose to a fresh record high on expectations short-term rates will remain elevated for longer.

Total assets rose to $6.108tn from $6.077tn the week prior. Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

9 Feb 2024

Money-Market Fund Assets Reach $6 Trillion for First Time

Source: Bloomberg

15 Jan 2024

Fund flows do not sound "risk-on" at all...

Money Market Funds have seen inflows of $163 billion over the first 2 weeks this year, the highest amount EVER 👇 Source: BofA, Win Smart

4 Jan 2024

All-Time High $6.3 Trillion sitting in U.S. Money Market Funds

Source: Win Smart, CFA, FT

18 Dec 2023

There is significant dry powder on the side line...

In 2023, we saw very limited US equity inflows vs. $1.4 trillion in money market inflows. If the gap starts to close for real now and gains momentum in 2024 it is needless to say a very good support for equities. Source: Goldman

15 Dec 2023

Goldman Trader: Are $6 Trillion In Money-Market Funds About To Flood The Stock Market


4 Dec 2023

Global Money Market Funds All-Time High 🚨:

A record high $8.3 Trillion is parked in global money market funds according to Goldman Sachs. $5.73 Trillion of this are U.S. based funds. As global central banks cut rates, could this capital find its way back into equities? Source: Barchart

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