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9 Feb 2024

Money-Market Fund Assets Reach $6 Trillion for First Time

Source: Bloomberg

15 Jan 2024

Fund flows do not sound "risk-on" at all...

Money Market Funds have seen inflows of $163 billion over the first 2 weeks this year, the highest amount EVER 👇 Source: BofA, Win Smart

4 Jan 2024

All-Time High $6.3 Trillion sitting in U.S. Money Market Funds

Source: Win Smart, CFA, FT

18 Dec 2023

There is significant dry powder on the side line...

In 2023, we saw very limited US equity inflows vs. $1.4 trillion in money market inflows. If the gap starts to close for real now and gains momentum in 2024 it is needless to say a very good support for equities. Source: Goldman

15 Dec 2023

Goldman Trader: Are $6 Trillion In Money-Market Funds About To Flood The Stock Market


4 Dec 2023

Global Money Market Funds All-Time High 🚨:

A record high $8.3 Trillion is parked in global money market funds according to Goldman Sachs. $5.73 Trillion of this are U.S. based funds. As global central banks cut rates, could this capital find its way back into equities? Source: Barchart

8 Nov 2023

The growth rate of capital being poured into retail money market funds (MMFs) is at its highest level in several decades

Retail MMFs recently surpassed $1.6 trillion; a record high. Source: Koyfin @KoyfinCharts

6 Nov 2023

Markets are now betting on big rate cuts next year

This chart shows that money markets have raised policy-easing wagers since the middle of October: by September 2024, the FED should have cut by 70 basis points, the ECB by 65 basis points and the BoE by 40 basis points. (pricing is derived from swap rates tied to policy-meeting dates) Source: Bloomberg

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