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19 Jul 2024

Equal weight S&P 500 (ETF $RSP) is considerably cheaper than the market cap weighted ETF, just as we may see earnings growth broaden out to a wider swath of companies.

Does that spell opportunity? Source: Markets & Mayhem, GS

19 Jul 2024

Netflix, $NFLX, officially kicks off big tech earnings season with a MASSIVE swing in price.

The stock just swung over 10% in a matter of minutes after reporting results. The company reported Q2 2024 EPS of $4.88, above expectations of $4.76. They also added 8.05 million subscribers, crushing expectations of 4.5 million. Big tech earnings season has officially begun. Source: The Kobeissi Letter

19 Jul 2024

There are 2 ways to look at this chart:

1/ Mag7 outperformance is justified by positive earnings revision (vs. negative revision for the rest); 2/ The bar has been raised quite high for the Mag7 (so beware if they disappoint) while the bar is low for the other 493 stocks (there is room for positive surprise) Source: Bloomberg, RBC

18 Jul 2024

2025 and 2026 look much better for US small caps earnings, relative to large caps

Source: JPM, RBC

15 Jul 2024

The market is increasingly becoming more driven by earnings than multiples.

Source: BofA, Mike Zaccardi

15 Jul 2024

As we get into the heat of EPS season...

DB notes that more companies have been beating and by a larger amount in recent quarters. If this continues, it is tough to bet against this market... Source: Deutsche Bank, RBC

8 Jul 2024

The combined annual revenue of the 5 highest earnings 🇺🇸 companies is higher than the GDP of Brazil, Italy and Canada

Top 5 US companies based on Revenue (TTM) 🥇 Walmart $WMT: $657.3B 🥈 Amazon $AMZN: $590.7B 🥉 Berkshire Hathaway $BRK.B: $410.9B 4) Apple $AAPL: $381.6B 5) UnitedHealth $UNH: $379.5B Source: Evan

1 Jul 2024

Q2 US earnings calendar by The Transcript


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