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22 Feb 2024

Four Years Since COVID

Sunday, 2/19/24 marked the four-year anniversary of the US stock market's peak closing level just before COVID hit in 2020. February 19th, 2020 was an unremarkable trading day that saw the S&P 500 rally about 0.5% and gold hit its highest level since 2013. At that point, the novel coronavirus was taking a serious toll on China, but there was still only slight anxiety and nervousness about it having a major impact on US shores. Below is a list of the best performing stocks in the Russell 1,000 since then. At the top of the list is energy-drink maker Celsius (CELH), which is far ahead of the pack with a gain of 3,030%. source : bespoke

19 Feb 2024

Warren Buffett loves share cannibals.

"The math isn't complicated. When the share count goes down, your interest in the businesses goes up. Every small bit helps if repurchases are made at value-accretive prices". Source: Koyfin Charts

19 Feb 2024


U.S. markets are closed Tomorrow, Monday, Feb. 19, in observance of Presidents Day. The NYSE, Nasdaq and bond markets will be closed. The next market holidays will be Friday, March 29, for Good Friday, followed by Memorial Day on Monday, May 27.

16 Feb 2024

The geographical spread of valuations across regions remains significant.

12m forward P/E multiple. MSCI Regions. Data for the last 20 years. Source: TME, Factset

14 Feb 2024

$LYFT is surging 63.73% (!) after hours after beating earnings (500bps EBITDA margins expansion) and providing a stellar outlook 👀

But under 1 hour later, the CFO said there was a typo in their earnings release... saying they meant to report a 50 basis point increase in EBITDA margin (instead of 500bps). In other words, EBITDA margin was reported to be 10 TIMES what it actually is... The stock ended up being 18% after hours... Source: Markets & Mayhem, The Kobeissi Letter

13 Feb 2024

Has the market become too complacent?

Goldman Sachs Panic Index is near decade lows. Source: Win Smart

12 Feb 2024

S&P 500 closes above 5,000 for first time ever.

It took 719 sessions for the index to set its latest 1,000-point milestone, a gain of 25%. The 50% advance from 2,000 to 3,000 needed 1,227 trading days, from 2014 to 2019, acc to data compiled by Bloomberg. To double from 1,000 in 1998, it needed 4,168 sessions to get to 2,000 in 2014. Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

12 Feb 2024

🍾 S&P 500 closes over 5,000 for the first time in HISTORY

Most of the major US equity indexes moved higher over the week, with the S&P 500 Index reaching new highs and breaching the 5,000 threshold for the first time. The advance remained relatively narrow, however, with an equally weighted version of the index significantly trailing the standard market-weighted version for the fourth time in five weeks... Source hashtag#chart: Genevieve Roch-Decter, CFA

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