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15 Jul 2024

The "ChatGPT era"...

The Nasdaq 100 post-ChatGPT at just over 400 days is now up more than it was following any of the other major technological releases of the last half-century. But if we are to follow the Netscape blueprint we have a lot of more bull left... Source: Bespoke, TME

12 Jul 2024

NVIDIA vs. the tiny mining sector


8 Jul 2024

AI Evolution has tested 119+ AI tools in the last 6 months.

But most of them are useless in my daily life. Here are 8 AI tools I use almost daily: Credit: Razib ul Karim, AI evolution

4 Jul 2024

Here's the link to a great article from Sequoia which argues the tech industry needs $600B in AI revenue to justify the money spent on GPUs and data centers: Bottom-line >>> OpenAI is the biggest AI pure play and is at $3.4B annual run rate. This feels like a bubble unless products worth buying show up. Source: Sequoia, Dare Obasanjo @Carnage4Life

28 Jun 2024

AI is eating software development

Source: FRED, GBR LLC on X

27 Jun 2024

Electricity consumption has skyrocketed, and this is just the beginning.

As highlighted by Otavio (Tavi) Costa, the surge in electric cars, electric heating, and new AI advancements is dramatically increasing our electricity needs. Among the questions raised? 1) Is the global economy prepared for these changes? 2) Could AI be inflationary in the short run and deflationary in the long run? The extensive infrastructure necessary to harness AI requires hardware expansion, while commodities (particularly metals) remain historically constrained. Source: Crescat Capital, Bloomberg

27 Jun 2024

Amazon enters elite $2tn club as AI optimism fuels rally.

Amazon up ~27% this year, driven by improving growth trends as AI re-accelerates its cloud-computing business. The milestone puts Amazon into an exclusive club of comps worth $2tn or more: Alphabet crossed the level in April, while Nvidia, Microsoft, and Apple are all worth north of $3tn. (via BBG)

27 Jun 2024

Jensen Huang said that the next wave of AI is set to automate $50 TRILLION heavy industries

He also said, "The Blackwell architecture platform will likely be the most successful product in our history and for the entire history of computers." Source: Stocktwits

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