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23 Feb 2024

House prices adjusted for inflation since 1975.

The charts for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK look like a s**tcoin during a pump. The Japanese real estate bubble of the 1990s is barely visible as a comparison... Source: Bloomberg, MacroAlf

19 Feb 2024

Median home prices are now contracting at levels NEVER seen in 60 years

Source: Win Smart

16 Feb 2024

What is the exposure of German banks to us commercial real estate?

According to Moody's, Aareal Bank & Deutsche Pfandbriefbank have the largest exposure compared w/their capital levels. The shares of Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, which is the most shorted in Germany, have recently lost a quarter of their value. In case of Deutsche Bank, there is a gap between banks' exposure to US specialized lending and exposure to banks' US CRE book as DB engages to a material extent in other asset-based or project lending that would also qualify as specialised lending, according to Moody's. Source: Dekabank, HolgerZ

16 Feb 2024

From The Markets article on US banks’ portfolios of commercial real estate:

“Bloomberg’s review found 22 banks with $10 billion to $100 billion of assets hold commercial property loans three times greater than their capital. Half of those firms had growth rates surpassing the thresholds laid out by regulators. The tally was even higher among banks with less than $10 billion of assets: 47 had outsize portfolios, of which 13 had swelled rapidly. The analysis excludes loans for nonresidential buildings that are occupied by their owners.” Source: Bloomberg

13 Feb 2024


Source: Bloomberg

12 Feb 2024

Deutsche Bank AG's provisions for losses in US Commercial Real Estate were more than four times bigger in the last quarter

Source: Laurentiu B., Bloomberg

7 Feb 2024

In the last week - Commercial Real Estate Stress

- New York Community Bank (USA) - Aozora Bank (Japan) - and now: *Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, under pressure in Europe, more real estate cracks, banking concern, etc" Source: Bloomberg, Lawrence McDonald

5 Feb 2024

A Los Angeles office building just sold for 52% less than its price five years ago.

The office building was originally purchased in 2018 for $92.5 million. Now, it sold for $44.7 million even after over $11 million in renovations. Just weeks ago, the Aon Center in downtown LA sold for $147.8 million, 45% less than its previous purchase price in 2014. Source: The Kobeissi Letter

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