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11 Jul 2024

There is low volatility across asset classes.

Can it last? Source: Nautilus Research

3 Jul 2024

During Presidential election years, volatility tend to pick up EXACTLY at this time of the year

Source: Topdown Charts

27 Jun 2024

Major divergence spotted:

The VIX has been trending higher since mid-May. But even the SP500 has been moving higher. This is an anomaly. Source: Game of Trades

25 Jun 2024

Wow. The average S&P500 stock has been on average 4.5x as volatile as the broader index!

Chart: Goldman Sachs Source: Markets & Mayhem

24 Jun 2024

History shows an average 25% increase in volatility from July-Nov of election years...

Mike Zaccardi, CFA, CMT, BofA

4 Jun 2024

Low-volatility regimes can last longer than you think.

Source: Mark Ungewitter

23 May 2024

The return of volatility

Source: Bloomberg

22 May 2024

The death of volatility? VIX, VXN and VXTLT are all printing new recent lows, hitting levels not seen in years.

Source: Bloomberg, The Market Ear

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