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11 Jun 2024


With 20 days to go to the lower house snap elections, a poll credits Marine Le Pen RN with 34% of the vote, far ahead of the left & far-left coalition and the Macron camp. One election can hide another. No sooner have the results of the European elections been announced than all eyes have turned to the early legislative elections. With 20 days to go to the first round, a Toluna Harris Interactive poll for Challenges, M6 and RTL puts the Rassemblement National (RN) well ahead. If the legislative elections had been held today, the Rassemblement National would have won 34% of the vote. A clear improvement on the 18.7% recorded in 2022. Long under-represented in the Assembly, the RN would be the leading force in the lower house. However, as the legislative elections will be held in 577 constituencies over two rounds, it is very difficult to project a precise number of seats. For the time being, it's impossible to know whether the Marinist troops will win an absolute or even a relative majority. Nevertheless, they seem to be well positioned to win the election, especially if they can create a coalition with other right-wing parties and traditional right. A win by RN could lead to a cohabitation with Jordan Bardella (RN) as Prime Minister. Source: Le Figaro

10 Jun 2024

The traffic light coalition in Germany suffers a historic rout in the European elections.

German Chancellor Scholz’s SPD crashed to 14%, their worst-ever result, falling to 3rd place behind the far-right AfD, exit polls show. The other 2 parties in Scholz’s ruling alliance – the Greens and the FDP – got 12% and 5% respectively. Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

10 Jun 2024


*MACRON GROUP HAS 15%-16%, LE PEN'S HAS 32%-33%: POLLSTERS Source: Bloomberg, Le Figaro, C.Barraud

10 Jun 2024

EU Parliamentary elections in France.

In brown where Far-right Le Pen party has won yesterday. Source: Xavier Ruiz

6 Jun 2024

The US could be on the brink of the civil war according to Ray Dalio

In an interview given to the FT on 16 May, billionaire investor and founder of Bridgewater Associates warns about the risk of a civil war breaking in the US. Source: FT

3 Jun 2024

$200 million since the verdict...

Source: Leading Report

31 May 2024


Source: NBC News

27 May 2024


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has accepted the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination, introducing a dynamic twist to the upcoming election that could disrupt the prospects for both Trump and Biden. This move puts RFK on the ballot in enough states to theoretically secure the 270 Electoral College votes necessary for a presidential victory. Kennedy's decision was announced during a contentious moment at the Libertarian Party convention, where he was nominated unexpectedly. Trump and Biden's campaigns are reportedly uneasy about Kennedy's candidacy, fearing it could siphon crucial votes in a tight race. Kennedy has positioned his campaign as a fusion of third-party and independent voters to challenge the traditional two-party system. Source: Daily Mail thru Mario Nawfal

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