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23 Feb 2024

China to send more pandas to US

China's Wildlife Conservation Association is working with the National Zoo in Washington in an arrangement that could bring more pandas back to the United States, signalling improving diplomatic relations between the two superpowers. China has lent its beloved bears to zoos in various countries over the years as goodwill animal ambassadors and also fostered a modern Sino-U.S. "panda diplomacy" with the gesture.Back in November, the National Zoo in Washington returned three pandas to China as part of a more than 50-year-old legacy, leaving Georgia's Zoo Atlanta as the only one in the U.S. with a giant panda program. Source : reuters

22 Feb 2024

In less than a decade, Uber and Lyft destroyed NYC Taxis

Source: Markets & Mayhem

22 Feb 2024

10 things learned from principles by raydalio

Source: Compounding Quality

21 Feb 2024

Types of competitive advantage.

Nice pic by Invesquotes thru Brian Feroldi

20 Feb 2024

Five Forms of Increasing Returns by MJ Mauboussin - Morgan Stanley

1) Economies of Scale 2) International Trade 3) Learning by Doing 4) Positive Feedback/Network Effects 5) Recombination of Ideas Source: Brandon Beylo on X

19 Feb 2024

F-E-A-R has 2 meanings

Source: Seek Wiser

19 Feb 2024

Shopping online at 2 a.m.?

Americans shopping online after midnight often make riskier transactions and are more likely to default on their loans, according to Affirm. The fintech firm uses the hour a consumer attempts a transaction as a key data point to help determine whether to approve loans. Other factors include a user’s repayment history with Affirm and transaction data from credit bureau Experian. “Human beings don’t make the best decisions at two o’clock in the morning,” Affirm said. “It’s clear as day — credit delinquencies spike right around 2 a.m.” While the data is clear that late-night financial decisions are riskier, the reasons for it are less so. source: cnbc, affirm

19 Feb 2024

Storytelling is a powerful tool in presentations.

It connects ideas to emotions, making lessons memorable. Source:

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