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19 Jul 2024

Meb Faber >>> Investing quote of the day via Jason Zweig


17 Jul 2024

Peter Lynch about the risks of over-diversification


9 Jul 2024

2024 Investing Cheat sheet.

Source: Trend Spider

8 Jul 2024

Howard Marks' checklist for finding bargains by Quartr


8 Jul 2024

Probably one of most difficult question to answer for portfolio managers... WHEN TO SELL A WINNER?

Source: Marketr rebellion

2 Jul 2024

China 10-year yield declines to historic low as rally extends

The yield on China’s benchmark bonds fell to a record low as investors continued to snap up the notes amid pessimism about the domestic economy. The onshore 10-year government yield declined two basis points to 2.18%, set to close at the lowest since Bloomberg began tracking the data in 2002. Yields on the 20- and 50- year bonds have been trading at their historic lows for months. Source: Bloomberg

26 Jun 2024

A century of investing

Source: Mario Gabelli on X, BofA

24 Jun 2024

The seven immutable laws of investing

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