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3 Apr 2024

All these US representatives are outperforming Warren Buffet...

Source: Snowden on X

14 Mar 2024

Store of Value

Source: CNBC

13 Mar 2024

Warren Buffett's Checklist

Source : brian feroldi

13 Mar 2024

It is about missing the best days, not missing the worst days.

Source: Eugene NG

11 Mar 2024

8 investment principles by Phil Fisher

Source: MnkeDaniel

4 Mar 2024

Compounding doesn't rely on earning big returns

Merely good returns sustained uninterrupted for the longest period especially in times of chaos and havoc-will always win Source: Investment books (Dhaval)

1 Mar 2024

Wow. If you had invested $5,000 in $NVDA back in 2000 you'd have $4.7M today. 😮

Source: Markets & Mayhem

27 Feb 2024

Food for Thoughts

Source: J-C Parets

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