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10 Jun 2024

Reminder: investing at all-time highs is safer than investing during drawdowns $SPY

Source: Mike Zaccardi

10 Jun 2024

Notes from Bill Ackman 's fireside chat in Omaha - thru David Park on X:

People Underestimate the Power of Checklists - Pershing Square had the best 6 years of its history since they inscribed their checklist into a piece of "stone" - "If I ever veer [off this checklist] just hit me over the head with this thing" The checklist:

7 Jun 2024

Invest In Assets 📈

The Warren Buffett way

6 Jun 2024

Quote by Howard Marks

Source: The investing for beginners forecasts

6 Jun 2024

Ray Dalio says benefits of investing in China outweigh risks

Source: South China Morning Post

5 Jun 2024

Quote by Peter Lynch

Source: Invest in assets

4 Jun 2024

Quote by Warren Buffet

Source: Invest in Assets

3 Jun 2024

There's always a smart-sounding reason to sell

Source: Brian Feroldi

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