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21 Feb 2024

Here are the top 10 ETFs with the most inflows (top) and outflows (bottom) for all 4,500 US ETFs.

Inflows IBIT is #3 and FBTC is #7 Outflows GBTC is #2 And remember, the spot BTC ETFs started trading on January 11! Source: Bianco Research

19 Feb 2024

BREAKING 🚨: Black Swan ETFs

Black Swan ETFs have plunged 99% after doomsday dream scenario fails to play out Source: Barchart, Bloomberg

16 Feb 2024

The ESG Backlash on Wall Street Spurs a Jump in ETF Closures

The dwindling demand is evident in the Americas from the slowdown in sales of new exchange-traded funds and the pickup in fund closures and outflows, according to senior ESG strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence. In 2023, the region saw just 48 new ETFs introduced, down from 104 in 2022 and 125 in 2021, data compiled by Bloomberg Intelligence show. A net $4.3 billion was pulled last year from ESG-focused ETFs in the US, marking the first-ever annual outflows. The $13 billion iShares ESG Aware MSCI USA ETF (ticker ESGU), the largest ESG-focused ETF, is seeing continued outflows this year, with $809 million yanked from the fund after a $9 billion exodus last year. Meanwhile, 36 ESG-labeled ETFs were liquidated in the Americas during 2023, more than double the prior year, data from Bloomberg Intelligence show. Almost 60% of the funds that were closed were actively managed. source : yahoo!finance, bloomberg

15 Feb 2024

JUST IN: Bitcoin ETFs have taken in over $2 BILLION of new funds in just the last 4 days.

Yesterday was the biggest day of inflows since launch day, with $631m! 🚀 Source: Bitcoin Archive

13 Feb 2024

Bitcoin spot ETF launch will be remembered as a major commercial success.

There’s been over 5500 ETF launches in history. NEVER before has an ETF reached $3 Billion AUM in less than 30 days… until now. Both Blackrock and Fidelity’s Bitcoin spot ETFs have just done it. A month after the SEC approval, investors have poured a net $2.8bn into Bitcoin ETFs. Gear up for a Bitcoin FOMO rally to all-time highs, Bernstein's Chhugani says: The market priced in the ETF approval news quickly, but has not priced in the ETF inflows and the upcoming supply crunch. Chhugani believes that the money is still coming from the ‘believers’, who have discovered an easy way to get Bitcoin in their broker accounts via the ETFs. "The disbelievers stay on the sidelines, and based on our investor conversations, we feel that the early interest we are getting is from new curious investors, not yet deployed, but intrigued enough to learn about Bitcoin. The ETF has added a sense of legitimacy, so far missing in the crypto sector. We expect many of these new Bitcoin enthusiasts to allocate capital in the coming days and we think Bitcoin ETFs/Bitcoin miners could benefit, in that scenario". Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

13 Feb 2024

BREAKING: ETFs are buying 12.5x more bitcoin per day than $BTC network can produce

Source image: Motley Fool, BITCOINLFG

12 Feb 2024

Capital inflows into spot ETFs continue, whereas Grayscale is seeing continuous net outflows

source : dune

12 Feb 2024

The ongoing net inflows into bitcoin spot ETFs are now above $2.1BN...

BlackRock & Fidelity now hold 151,950 BTC worth +$7.16 billion for their spot Bitcoin ETF Source: Bloomberg

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