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30 Jan 2024

BREAKING‼️ BlackRock and VanEck Bitcoin ETF ads LIVE on Google

In accordance with Google’s latest policy regarding crypto, starting from January 29, 2024, advertisements on Bitcoin ETFs are allowed. Initially, the publication will be limited to the United States, but a subsequent expansion at a global level is planned.

18 Jan 2024

UST IN: 🇺🇸 Top 3 spot Bitcoin ETF asset flows:

1. Fidelity: $524m 2. BlackRock: $497m 3. BitWise: $305m Source: Bitcoin Archive

17 Jan 2024

CC15Capital tracks the $BTC holdings of the 11 Spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Fidelity updated data for $FBTC - now holds 9,750 Bitcoin VanEck also updated holdings, now at 1,867 $BTC The 10 ETFs, excluding $GBTC, bought 34,589 Bitcoin so far

17 Jan 2024

JUST IN: Bitcoin ETFs trading volume almost $10 Billion in just 3 days.

Source: Bloomberg, Bitcoin archive

15 Jan 2024

Top 5 spot Bitcoin total flows:

BlackRock: $497.7 million Fidelity: $422.3 million Bitwise: $237.9 million ARK 21Shares: $105.2 million Franklin: $50.1 million Source: Bitcoin Magazine

15 Jan 2024

Inflows into the 10 new bitcoin ETFs hit +$1.4 billion over 2 days.

Subtracting GBTC's outflows of -$579m we get a net inflow of +$818.9m into the 10 new vehicles. People rotating out of GBTC into the others & Grayscale selling BTC are behind the price dump despite the inflows. Source: Joe Consorti, Bloomberg

12 Jan 2024

What are the key takeaways from DAY 1 of bitcoin spot etf?

- The first US ETFs that directly hold Bitcoin are off to a strong start, with billions of dollars changing hands in a historical first day of trading for the long-sought investment vehicles. - The Blackrock iShares Bitcoin Trust ($IBIT) has passed $1B in volume today - The whole group hit $4.3B in volume or $2.2B ex-GBTC - 4 issuers are ABOVE $100B volume - The Bitcoin futures ETF $BITO smashed it's all time volume record in this historic day with $2b traded.. perhaps some is redemptions but it is probable that $BITO's liquidity will serve purpose in market maker for a while - $BITO and $GBTC are both in the Top 10 among overall ETFs in trading volume today.. $IBIT and $FBTC also making in Top 25, just to give some context on how this volume fits in w bigger picture. Just overall superb showing. Remember the futures ETFs barely did $2m - As a side note, $7.7 trillion asset manager Vanguard says they will NOT offer spot Bitcoin ETF.

12 Jan 2024

The approval of 11 bitcoin spot etf by the SEC is going to accelerate adoption of cryptocurrencies by Wall Street(and Main Street).

Adoption rhymes with education and this is precisely what the big guys are currently doing -> training their staff to better understand, explain and promote crypto products & solutions to their clients.

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