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9 Feb 2024

L'Oreal searching for support

L'Oreal (OR FP) under a lot of pressure this morning. Trend remains bullish. Keep an eye at 417 support level. Source : Bloomberg

8 Feb 2024

AstraZeneca reaching very important levels

AstraZeneca (AZN LN) is under pressure. Keep an eye over the next few days at the major support zone 9330-9655. Source : Bloomberg

5 Feb 2024

MacDonald's the end of the trend ?

MacDonald's is testing swing support 287.20. Keep an eye at this level, musn't close below if not risk of change in trend. Source : Bloomberg

1 Feb 2024

Dassault Systemes where is next support level ?

Dassault Systemes (DSY FP) under pressure ! Keep an eye at next support zone level 41.45-42.05. Source : Bloomberg

1 Feb 2024

ING Group where are the next supports ?

ING Group is under pressur this morning. Next support levels to keep an eye on are 11.43-11.85 and next level is 10.73-11.12. Source : Bloomberg

31 Jan 2024

Google looking for support

Google is under strong pressure but trend remains bullish. Stock is trying to find some support. 1st support is around 139-140 and major zone to keep an eye on is 135-137. Source : Bloomberg

31 Jan 2024

Procter & Gamble breakout ?

Procter & Gamble remains in a bullish trend. Keep an eye at these levels, is this the breakout ? Source : Bloomberg

31 Jan 2024

Novartis under pressure and looking for support

Novartis is under pressure but remains in a bullish trend. If your are looking for support, keep an eye at 83-86 strong support zone. Source : Bloomberg

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