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10 Jun 2024

Vinci Testing Back Triangle Breakout Level

Vinci (DG FP) recently posted a new high, confirming once again the bullish trend. It's now retesting the lows of the latest swing. The 98.49 level remains the swing low that mustn't break. Keep an eye on the institutional demand zone between 98.49-103.28. Source: Bloomberg

6 Jun 2024

Bitcoin Logarithmic Monthly Chart

With a logarithmic chart, it is sometimes easier to identify a trend. The trend has been bullish since the start of Bitcoin. It’s now testing again a major resistance level. Will it be able to breakout ? Source : Bloomberg

4 Jun 2024

Psychology of candlestick in one image courtesy of Market Insights

Source: Market Insights

30 May 2024

McDonald’s Back on Long-Term Swing Low

McDonald’s (MCD US) has consolidated 17% since the January highs. It's now testing a strong support zone between 245-250. Keep an eye on this level. Source: Bloomberg

29 May 2024

LVMH Approaching an Interesting Zone

LVMH (MC FP) has consolidated 17% since the March highs. It's now filling in the January earnings gap zone between 690-730. It has also reached the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level and is in the discount zone for prop traders. The major long-term support swing low is at 644. Keep an eye on this stock over the next few days. Source : Bloomberg

28 May 2024

Intuit Reaching Strong Support

Intuit (INTU US) has been under significant pressure since the earnings release last Thursday, dropping by 12%. The stock is now approaching the last swing low support on the long-term trend (weekly chart). Keep an eye on this crucial support zone between 585-595. Source: Bloomberg

24 May 2024

S&P 500 Index reversal candelstick pattern

Yesterday, the S&P 500 index posted a reversal candlestick pattern. The market opened at a new all-time high but closed at the day's lows, wiping out all of last week's gains! This pattern is typically a warning sign. While the trend remains bullish, a consolidation often follows after reaching a new high. Keep an eye on it. Source : Bloomberg

23 May 2024

Exciting Developments for Dassault Systemes

In January, Dassault Systemes broke its long-term downtrend—a very positive sign. Since then, the market has consolidated by more than 25%. Recently, we're seeing signs of demand, confirmed by stronger-than-average volume in the short-term trend. Keep an eye on it. Source : Bloomberg

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