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8 May 2024

S&P 500 pullback to supply zone

S&P 500 Index broke the swing low on 15th September suggesting a change in trend ! Market has made more than the 50% Fibonacci retracement and is approaching supply zone 5200-5265 !!! Market needs to break 5265 if not risk of pressure will grow. Source : Bloomberg

8 May 2024

Uber testing again swing low.

Uber (UBER US) is testing for a second time in less than 7 days swing low support 64.84. Keep an eye at this important level. Source : Bloomberg

3 May 2024

Equinix rebounding on support post earnings

Equinix (EQIX US) has consolidated 24% since March swing high ! Stock is rebounding from support zone 677-700. For the moment volume is a bit low. Keep an eye. Source : Bloomberg

3 May 2024

Roche on a very important level

Roche (ROG SW) has consolidated 47% since April 2022 all time high ! It's now entering a very important support zone 206-215. Keep an eye over the next few days for price action. Source : Bloomberg

2 May 2024

Linde under pressure but approaching support zone

Linde (LIN US) is continuing it's March consolidation. It's now approaching support zone 396-414. Swing low is 396. Source : Bloomberg

1 May 2024

Crude Oil on support zone and retesting breakout level

Crude Oil WTI is back on support zone 80.30-81.09 and also approaching March breakout 79.77 !!! Keep an eye at these important levels. Source : Bloomberg

1 May 2024

Ethereum still consolidating but in discount zone

Ethereum (XETUSD) is still consolidating since March. It's now in discount zone (below 50% Fibonacci retracement). For the moment no signs of reverse but keep an eye at next support zone 2720-2800 and if that level doesn't hold next support could be arround 2240-2310. Source : Bloomberg

30 Apr 2024

Coca-Cola reaching major supply zone

Coca-Cola (KO US) is reaching major supply zone 62.70-64.99 . Keep an eye at that level. Source : Bloomberg

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