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22 Jul 2024

Bitcoin $BTC reaction following the news that Biden is leaving the race was heavily scrutinized by market participants for 2 reasons

1/ It is the only risk assets traded 24/7 and thus reacting to news over the week-end; 2/ Bitcoin is now seen as a "pro-Trump" asset (i.e of it goes down that means that markets see a lower chance for Trump to be re-elected). While the initial reaction to the news was BTC going down almost $1,000 in a matter of minutes, BTC bounced back later on to trade at the highest level of the week-end (around $68k). So if Bitcoin is any guide, the Trump election trade does not seem to have been damaged... Source chart: coingecko

22 Jul 2024

There is a website tracking the German Bitcoin losses in real time: Source: Carl B Menger on X

22 Jul 2024

Bitcoin has decoupled from its strong correlation with tech overall in the last two weeks...

Source: Bloomberg, zerohedge

17 Jul 2024

NEW:US Spot Bitcoin ETFs hit $16 billion inflows 🚀

Source: Bitcoin Magazine

17 Jul 2024

Speakers at the Bitcoin 2024 Conference in Nashville US

- Donald Trump - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - Cathie Wood - Michael Saylor - Edward Snowden - Vivek Ramaswamy Source: Bitcoin Magazine

17 Jul 2024

Even just combining the 80 companies found manually in SEC filings accounts for 17% of the total bitcoin ETF holdings.

While not all can be considered institutional investors, significant numbers are included - e.g Millenium, Susquehanna, Horizon Kinetics, Jane Street Group, Schonfeld, Morgan Stanley, Point72, Farallon, tc. Viewing ETF inflows solely as retail contributions seems inappropriate. Source: Ki Young Ju

10 Jul 2024

Bitcoin rebounds to $58k after ETF investors bought the dip...

Inflows into Bitcoin spot ETF surged near $300M Source:, Bloomberg

5 Jul 2024

JUST IN: On-chain data confirms this is the second-largest liquidation event in Bitcoin's entire history, right after the FTX collapse in November 2022.

This comes amidst news that Germany is selling $3.5B worth of seized $BTC, and Mt. Gox begins paying back $8.5B to creditors, with the majority expected to be sold. Source: WhaleWire on X

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