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22 Feb 2024

European stocks are hitting all-time highs, following Japan!

source : bloomberg

22 Feb 2024

CME Group Debuts Bitcoin, Ethereum Futures For Europe

The CME Group will be launching euro-denominated micro Bitcoin and Ethereum futures next month, answering surging demand in the derivatives market. The Chicago-based trading firm announced on Tuesday that it would launch the crypto futures for the European market due to the popularity of U.S. dollar-denominated counterparts. The futures will launch on March 18, pending regulatory review. source : decrypt

21 Feb 2024

Bloomberg city tracker European major cities

Berlin’s housing slump is over as shortage lures investors. The prospect of higher rents in the German capital is countering the downward pull of financing costs. Berlin rents jumped 20% YoY in Q4, faster than national average of 7.7%. As a side note, Athens' price jump is quite interesting Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

21 Feb 2024

What‘s wrong with Europe in one chart.

These European companies have been in the automotive business for decades. Why are they so painfully slow to adapt to new reality? Source: Michel A.Arouet, Bloomberg

19 Feb 2024

The EU’s tough new moderation rules are about to cover a lot more of the internet

The European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA), a tough new piece of regulation that imposes new rules around content moderation and online advertising, is about to expand to cover huge swathes of the internet. Starting February 17th, the rules will apply to every online platform with users in the EU, in addition to the 19 Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs) and Very Large Online Search Engines (VLOSEs) that have had to comply with the rules since last August. The DSA’s obligations include a ban on targeting underage users with ads based on their personal data, and targeting anyone based on sensitive data like sexual preferences or religious beliefs. When it comes to content moderation, sites will have to provide a reason to users when their content or account has been moderated, and offer them a way of complaining and challenging the decision. There are also rules around giving users the ability to flag illegal goods and services found on a platform. source : theverge

19 Feb 2024

Europe is becoming an open air museum

Source: OECD

12 Feb 2024

Believe it or not, Germany is the Number 1 coal consuming country in the EU...

If one really cared about climate, would one shut down nuclear or coal power plants first? Source: Michael A. Arouet

8 Feb 2024

Europe deindustrialization continues

German industrial production fell for 7th consecutive month in December, the longest decline in the history of the data series. The 1.6% MoM decline came as a huge downside surprise. Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

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