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23 Feb 2024

U.S. equity risk premium has fallen to its lowest level since the aftermath of the Dot Com Bubble.

This is the premium that investors receive to compensate them for taking on additional risk in the stock market instead of treasuries. Source: Barchart, BofA

22 Feb 2024

Nikkei Parties Like It's 1989

A lot of attention has been focused on the Nikkei 225 index, which topped its all-time high, surpassing 39,000 and breaking the previous record of 38,957 set on the final trading day of 1989. The 34 years it has taken to regain its footing is also a record for a major market, and it's a decade longer than Wall Street took to recoup its losses from the 1929 crash and the Great Depression. source : bloomberg, reuters

22 Feb 2024

Japan's Nikkei has hit a historic high not seen since 1989, marking an epic come-back for the country's stock market.

The Nikkei 225 hit an all-time high of 38,924.88 as robust corporate earnings and steps aimed at boosting investor returns fuel a blistering rally in Japanese equities this year. Nikkei and Topix have been standout outperformers in Asia Pacific, up more than 10% in 2024 after surging more than 25% in 2023 — their respective best annual gain in at least a decade. Source: Bloomberg, CNBC

21 Feb 2024

Should you exit equities (or avoid investing into equities) when they hit all-time high?

The answer is 'NO'. Returns have been higher than average, following all-time highs. More importantly, exiting at all-time highs is disastrous for your return! Massive chart by Duncan Lamont / Schroders thru Jeroen Blokland.

19 Feb 2024

We're currently witnessing the longest period of U.S. equity outperformance in history.

But there's a cycle to everything, and international diversification is perhaps more important today than ever before. Source: Peter Mallouk

12 Feb 2024

2024 YTD S&P 500 Returns by Sector

source : pauldejong

12 Feb 2024

Record inflow to EM equities

Emerging Market Stocks see a weekly inflow of $20.8 billion, the most in history source : BofA, barchart

12 Feb 2024

The rally on Wall Street has meant that US equities now have a weighting of ~70% in the popular MSCI World index.

That is a record. The risk is correspondingly high if US equities go out of fashion. Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

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