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19 Feb 2024

Cocoa Speculation Hits All-Time High

Speculative Traders have built a long position worth $8.7 billion in Cocoa, the largest in history. Source: FT, Barchart

5 Jan 2024

It has been our thesis for a while that a big uranium SHORTAGE is coming in this decade

Uranium miners are likely to benefit from this trend and have been enjoying a strong run up over the last few months. Yet uranium miners ($URA $etf) have been diverging from Uranium spot price recently. One fundamental explanation for this is that the Uranium "large caps" which are over-represented in the URA ETF have long-term contracts which means there are not benefiting to a full extent from recent Uranium spot price. Source chart: Game of trades

4 Jan 2024

Copper demand and projected demand

By Robert Friedland

14 Dec 2023

Uranium 16-Year High 🚨: Uranium has now surged past $85 per pound for the first time since January 2008

Source: Barchart

8 Dec 2023

Bloomberg Commodity Index drops to 2-year low as investors grow increasingly nervous about demand

Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

7 Dec 2023

Maybe oil is not that irrational... As shown on the chart below, Oil (purple line) keeps following the Citigroup US Macro Surprises index (yellow line)

The weaker the data, the lower the prices. Sounds logical. Source: TME

7 Dec 2023

BREAKING: Crude oil prices drop below $70/barrel for the first time since July 2023

Since the September 28th high, oil prices are now down ~27%. Meanwhile, the national average gas price is down for 10-straight weeks to $3.25/gallon. Even as OPEC+ agreed to additional supply cuts last week, oil markets are selling off. A welcomed development for global liquidity, for inflation and for the Fed. Source: The Kobeissi Letter

5 Dec 2023

The bull market none is talking about. Uranium prices are surging as nuclear is seen as one of the only "clean" energy source to move away from fossil fuels

Source chart: (((The Daily Shot)))

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