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23 Feb 2024

Market Breadth continues to look strong!

More than 72% of sp500 stocks are now trading above their 200D moving average. Source: Barchart

23 Feb 2024

S&P, NASDAQ 100 & DJIA closed at RECORD HIGH

Source: Bloomberg

23 Feb 2024

The chart is a log graph of $1 invested in the S&P 500 in the year 1950 by Personal Finance Club.

They listed all of the market crashes that were 15% or more. They removed the Y-axis, but it shows $1 growing to over $1,000! Note that there were many -10% corrections over the period but that only -15% and worse are listed below

21 Feb 2024

UBS hikes its S&P 500 target to 5,400, highest on Wall Street

UBS raised its S&P 500 year-end target for the second time in little over a month, from 5,100 to 5,400. It argues that hot inflation driven by strong demand is actually positive for stocks. The new target, which is roughly 9% above current levels, is the highest on Wall Street. Source : ubs

19 Feb 2024

Goldman Lifts S&P 500 Target to 5,200 on Profit Expansion

Goldman now sees the S&P 500 rising to 5,200 by the end of this year, raising his forecast by about 2% from the 5,100 level he predicted in mid-December. The new target implies a 3.9% jump from Friday’s close. Goldman’s 5,200 price target for the S&P 500 in 2024 is now among the highest on Wall Street, joining the ranks of Wall Street bulls. source : gs

19 Feb 2024

According to GS, Index margins excluding “Tech” will only expand modestly in 2024.

source : gs, tme

19 Feb 2024

This chart vividly shows the pronounced overvaluation of US equities versus the rest of the world.

It's important to emphasize that price-to-book is just one metric for comparison. Source: Bloomberg, Tavi Costa

19 Feb 2024

Putting things into perspective:

Despite rising yields and hotter-than-expected inflation, the S&P 500 has continued higher in 2024. Source: Edward Jones

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