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15 Apr 2024

The Mag7's weighting in the SP500 just hit another new high

Source: Cheddar Flow

10 Apr 2024

Total Cash Net of Debt...

Google $GOOGL: $98 billion Apple $AAPL: $65 billion Meta $META: $47 billion Amazon $AMZN: $28 billion Microsoft $MSFT: $20 billion Nvidia $NVDA: $16 billion Source: Charlie Bilello

19 Mar 2024

Remember when unprofitable tech was all the rage in 2021?

It never really recovered. All the money went into the Mag7 stocks instead, and to a lesser extent profitable NASDAQ companies. Chart: TS Lombard thru Markets & Mayhem

7 Mar 2024

The end of Mag7?

Last year the Mag7 essentially moved in unison and was the make-or-break trade. 2 months into 2024 there is a HUGE dispersion in the group. Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

5 Mar 2024

Not all Tech stocks are magnificent...

$AAPL and $TSLA the main downside outliers...

4 Mar 2024

Magnificent 7 Corporate Executives are dumping shares are the fastest rate since 2021 🚨

Source: Barchart, Bloomberg

29 Feb 2024

Cartoon of the Day by Hedgye:

The Magnificent7 are dropping like flies

29 Feb 2024

Market concentration mirroring earnings concentration

Source: Blackrock

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