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18 Jun 2024

Nvidia to get 20% weighting in SPDR Tech ETF

Source: CNBC

18 Jun 2024

Tech strength is not that clear once you disaggregate

Source: Daniel Lacalle X via NDR

17 Jun 2024

Europe is way behind in Tech 💻

Source: Science Is Strategic, The Economist, Pitchbook #venturecapital

14 Jun 2024

Semiconductor industry overview

By Invest in assets

14 Jun 2024

The Magnificent 7's share of the SP500 just hit another all-time high of 32%.

This is 12 percentage points higher than at the beginning of 2023. The weight of these 7 stocks in the index has almost DOUBLED in just over 4 years. This comes as the 3 largest stocks, Apple, Microsoft, and Nvidia, are all officially worth over $3 trillion. Meanwhile, the technology sector just hit another all-time high relative to the S&P 500. Tech is becoming even more dominant. Source: Bloomberg, The Kobeissi Letter

11 Jun 2024

In the first three weeks of May, OpenAI’s ChatGPT averaged 77 million daily visits, putting it on track to reach 2.3 billion visits last month

A new monthly record after setting its previous record of 1.8 billion visits a year ago. Source: Beth Kindig $MSFT $NVDA $GOOG $AMZN

5 Jun 2024

Tech CEOs are the new modern day rockstars $NVDA

Source: Trendspider

3 Jun 2024

Nailed it

Source: Michel A.Arouet

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