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4 Apr 2024

Nvidia's $NVDA Revenue by product segment over the last 5 years

Source: Visual Capitalist

3 Apr 2024

Nvidia $NVDA closed below its 20D moving average for only the 3rd time this year 👀

Source: Barchart

27 Mar 2024

What are the biggest shorts?

Microstrategy $MSTR is one of the biggest shorts in the entire US market. Nvidia $NVDA is currently leading the pack. Source: Bloomberg

27 Mar 2024

Analysts are forecasting Nvidia's annual revenue will jump to $131 billion by 2026, more than double the $61 billion recorded in the fiscal year that just ended.

$NVDA Source: Charlie Bilello

21 Mar 2024

Does it mean that the nvidia's party is over?

Source: The Great Martis, Time Magazine

19 Mar 2024

Should we be scared ?

source : mad money, Mayhem4Markets

19 Mar 2024

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang drew this graphic showing Nvidia's journey from 1964 to today

source : stockmktnewz

19 Mar 2024

Nvidia on Monday announced a new generation of artificial intelligence chips and software for running AI models.

The new AI graphics processors are named Blackwell and are expected to ship later this year. $NVDA CEO: "Over the course of the last eight years, we've increased computation by one thousand times. In the good old days of Moore's Law, it was two times, then five times every five years. Now, it's ten times every five years, a hundred times every ten years. In the middle, the heydays of the PC revolution, it was a hundred times every ten years. And in the last eight years, we've gone one thousand times. We have two more years to go" Source: The Transcript

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