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5 Feb 2024

Something to keep in mind...

Source. Michel A.Arouet

29 Jan 2024

Interesting FT article highlighting the improvement of global liquidity (contributor -> Cross Border Capital as contributor)

Flows of global liquidity accelerated higher into early 2024, expanding by 9 per cent at an annual rate from September, led by strong increases in Japan and China In 2024, we expect greater liquidity support from central banks as more policymakers turn towards monetary policy easing. Aside from the Fed, the People’s Bank of China is the obvious central bank to watch as it already contributed almost one-fifth of the total increase in global liquidity last year.

26 Jan 2024

The US Money Supply decreased by 2% in 2023, the largest annual decline on record with data going back to 1959

This was the second straight annual decline which followed the record 40% expansion in the money supply in 2020-21. Source: Charlie Bilello

24 Jan 2024

The key role played by central banks liquidity, as highlighted by Matt King

Many seem surprised by the new record highs in the S&P, given an ambiguous outlook and a backdrop of supposedly tight rates. They are a lot less surprising when you consider that central banks' balance sheet policy has been remarkably easy. Over the past 14 months, the Fed alone has added nearly $500bn, and global central banks over $1.25tn, in liquidity. Source: BofA

16 Jan 2024

After an aggressive tightening cycle, 152 centralbanks around the world expect to cut rates in 2024, including the Fed.

Source: Games of Trades

8 Jan 2024

The "multipolar world" will remain a major topic in 2024 as the rewiring of the global commerce system creates geopolitical risks & business model shifts that will last decades

The Dollar’s & Euro's share in global CenBank reserves dropped. Greenback accounted for 59.2% of globally allocated FX reserves in Q3 2023, down from a revised 59.4% in Q2, lowest since Q4 2022. Euro’s share in reserves also fell to 19.6% from 19.7%, while the participation of Japan's Yen rose to 5.5% from 5.3%. Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

5 Jan 2024

China’s central bank assets have surged by nearly $600B in the last 4 months

In yuan terms, this was the largest 4-month increase in the history of the data. The issue of a bloated government deficit and significant debt is not exclusive to the US; it resonates globally. Source: Tavi Costa, Bloomberg

4 Jan 2024

LIQUIDITY MATTERS... From QE (Quantitative Easing) to QT (Quantitative Tightening) to QB (Quantitative Balancing) to QE Light

Some interesting views by Andreas Steno Larsen (Steno Research / Macrobond): 2024 Q1 -> While we are celebrating our inflation-progress, Powell and Yellen intend on handing out "Stealth QE / QE light" gifts to the banking system in Q1-2024. Steno Research view is that USD liquidity is likely going to increase massively in Q1 due to a series of technicalities surrounding the BTFP, ON RRP and TGA facilities. These three liquidity adding mechanisms will more than outweigh the QT program (running at a little less than $95bn a month on average), leaving a very benign liquidity picture ahead for Q1-2024. By their estimates, liquidity will increase with $8-900bn until end-March, which almost resembles a QE-light / stealth QE scenario. This will in case be one of the fastest liquidity additions on record, only outpaced during the early innings of the pandemic! If this happens, such a liquidity injection might be a massive tailwind for risk assets...

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