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23 Feb 2024

Top 11 Countries by Gold Reserves

By Visual Capitalist, Win Smart

15 Feb 2024

Boomers are selling Gold ETFs, buying Bitcoin ETFs.

Source: Asher Hopp

8 Feb 2024

Is Bitcoin the new Gold?

Source: Game of Trades

7 Feb 2024

The Magnificent 7 are almost as big as… Gold!!

Source. Jeroen Blokland, True Insights

7 Feb 2024

China Gold and Silver Sales Hit Six Year High

Sales of gold, silver and jewelry have been brisk for months, defying wobbles in the Chinese economy centered around the protracted crisis in the property market. Retail salesin December, the last month for which data is available, were at a six-year high. source : bloomberg

5 Feb 2024

Investors continue to dump their Gold ETFs despite strengthening fundamentals.

Source: Goldman Sachs

15 Jan 2024

Oil prices jump back above $75 after the US and UK conduct strikes in Yemen.

We are also seeing gold prices up on the news as fears of a larger war resurface. The primary motive for these strikes was the recent Red Sea attacks by the Houthi group in Yemen. Source: The Kobeissi Letter

4 Jan 2024

The rise of digital gold in one chart. In 2012, one ounce of Gold was still worth 400 Bitcoin, now less than 0.05

Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

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