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16 Feb 2024

From The Markets article on US banks’ portfolios of commercial real estate:

“Bloomberg’s review found 22 banks with $10 billion to $100 billion of assets hold commercial property loans three times greater than their capital. Half of those firms had growth rates surpassing the thresholds laid out by regulators. The tally was even higher among banks with less than $10 billion of assets: 47 had outsize portfolios, of which 13 had swelled rapidly. The analysis excludes loans for nonresidential buildings that are occupied by their owners.” Source: Bloomberg

8 Feb 2024

Large banks are easing lending standards while small banks tighten them Another sign of a K-shaped recovery, albeit in the financial sector

Source: Markets & Mayhem

7 Feb 2024

New York Community Bank stock, $NYCB, the bank that acquired the collapsed Signature Bank, crashes another 25% today.

The stock is now down a massive 61% in 2024 to its lowest level since June 2000. Currently, roughly 40% of NYCB's assets are not under FDIC insurance. The stock's decline accelerated after the bank posted an unexpected $260 million loss in Q4 2023. Is the regional bank crisis back? Is it NYCB just the first domino to fall? Source chart:

2 Feb 2024

Shares of Japanese bank Aozora are collapsing.

Stock's on steepest 2-day drop since it became a public company. Why? Bank reported massive exposure to US commercial real estate. Source: David Ingles, Bloomberg

2 Feb 2024

Multiple small us banks tumbled high-single and double digits.

There is a silver lining though -> the market quickly remembered that it was precisely the bank crisis last March that sparked a powerful Fed response (BTFP), and a violent rally, and we got the same thing today as stocks slingshot sharply higher closing 1.1% higher... Source:

1 Feb 2024

U.S. Banks are facing unrealized losses of roughly $685 billion (updated as of Q3).

This problem isn’t going away any time soon until the Federal Reserve begins cutting. New York Community Bancorp $NYCB might be the next victim. Source: Barchart

1 Feb 2024

This isn't a crypto or a meme stock. It's New York Community Bank $NYCB, which acquired failed Signature Bank assets last year, has fallen over over 40% today.

The price of shares in New York Community Bancorp - the regional bank that purchased deposits from Signature Bank last year - crashed today, below SVB crisis lows, after reporting a surprise loss for the fourth quarter and a cut to its dividend. As Bloomberg reports, the bank lowered its quarterly payout to shareholders to 5 cents. Analysts had predicted the dividend would remain at 17 cents. A worsening credit outlook contributed to the unexpected loss, as the company boosted its loan-loss provision more than expected. Source:

30 Jan 2024

Rabobank: "What happens when all of those regional US banks with balance sheets loaded with dubious commercial real estate loans can no longer pledge underwater securities at par?

The answer is more money printing, which explains the price action in the S&P500." Source:, Bloomberg

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