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19 Feb 2024

Will we soon see some relief on US wage inflation?

The US just experienced the largest population increase in a year ever. Mostly driven by the surge in immigration. Source: Tavi Costa

2 Feb 2024

BREAKING: US NFP at 353k way above the estimated 185k, Wages came in hotter than expected +4.5% YoY vs +4.1% expected.

The December jobs report has been revised UP, showing 333,000 jobs added rather than the 216,000 originally reported. This breaks a 10-month trend of downward revisions in the reported jobs number. Meanwhile, average hourly earnings in January rose 0.6%, DOUBLING expectations. Unemployment rate held flat MoM at 3.7% (the Street was anticipating 3.8%). Note that according to the Household survey, the number of employed people dipped by 31k MoM, so US Non-farm-payroll report is not as hot as at 1st sight. Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

4 Jan 2024


Source: Win Smart, Genuine Impact and The Daily Shot

21 Dec 2023

Labor unions are pushing for big pay rise…

e.g Southwest Airlines pilot pay would increase 50pct under new labor contract. A wage-inflation spiral remains a threat (even if overall job creations are plunging) Source: CNBC

4 Sep 2023

Less can be more

By PsycheWizard

4 Sep 2023

Highest paid CEOs in the US

Source: Visual Data, data_rep, u/statZwiki)

4 Sep 2023

Is wage pressure in the US here to stay?

A highlighted by Tavi Costa, the word "strike" recently surged to record levels on Google trends. This surge implies a growing pressure among workers to secure improved compensation deals with their employers. Labor strikes are becoming a regular occurrence in society, reminiscent of their prevalence in the 1970s. The rising cost of living is placing significant pressure on wages to rise. Source: Crescat Capital, Google Trends

23 Aug 2023

Wage inflation: UPS workers approve massive new labor deal with big raises. The deal passed with 86.3% of votes, the highest contract vote in the history of Teamsters at UPS, according to the union

Under the new agreement: 1. Part time workers will make no less than $21/hour, up from a minimum of $15.50 currently, 2. Full time workers will average $49/hour. Current workers will get $2.75 more an hour this year and $7.50 an hour more over the five-year contract. 3. UPS drivers will average $170,000/year 4. Contract impacts ~340,000 workers 5. The company cut its full-year revenue and margin forecasts, citing the “volume impact from labor negotiations and the costs associated with the tentative agreement.” UPS has put $30 billion aside for this new contract

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