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30 Apr 2024

MacDonald reaching strong support demand zone

MacDonald (MCD US) is reaching strong demand zone 245-262. Long term trend remains bullish. Keep an eye at this important level. Source : Bloomberg

29 Apr 2024

Tesla breaking swing high ?

Tesla (TSLA US) is breaking last swing high 184.25 !!! This is an important level, keep an eye at the close. Source : Bloomberg

25 Apr 2024

Meta Platforms breaking the trend and filling the gap

Meta Platforms (META US) under a lot of pressure today, breaking 476 swing support. It's now on it's way to fill end of January Gap. Support zones to keep an eye on over the next few days are : 387-398 / 358-368 / 340-351.

18 Apr 2024

Novartis approaching 2 support zones

Novartis (NOVN SW) has now consolidated 11% since January last swing high. It's approaching two important levels. First zone 83.63-84.56 is a strong institutionnal demand level and second level is 83 which is the swing low support level ! Keep an eye over the next few days. Source : Bloomberg

17 Apr 2024

Bitcoin remains in trading range

Bitcoin (XBTUSD) is in a trading range 59'317-73'797 since January 2024. With halving taking place in a few days, keep an eye for a breakout !!! Source : Bloomberg

16 Apr 2024

Tesla entering major support zone

Tesla (TSLA US) is entering major support zone 152-160. Keep an eye at this very important level. Source : Bloomberg

20 Mar 2024

Equinix trying to find support

Equinix (EQIX US) has reached support zone 786-798. It's down 12% since the highs. Keep an eye at this level. Source : Bloomberg

20 Mar 2024

Ethereum consolidation reaching discount zone

Ethereum (XETUSD) has retraded (fibonacci) 50% of last swing. This is considered by many prop traders as the discount zone. Next decent demand level is 2870-2990. Keep an eye at the discount zone for an eventual rebound. Source : Bloomberg

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