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17 Apr 2024

Gold rallied strongly again yesterday, disregarding entirely the significant reversal seen on Friday.

Meanwhile, the $GLD ETF is still facing significant outflows on a 2-year basis of nearly 45%. Source: Tavi Costa, Bloomberg

15 Apr 2024

Bitcoin ETFs now sit at nearly $60 Billion in assets.

To put that into perspective, GLD, which is the largest gold ETF, has a total AUM of $62 billion. Source: Bloomberg

3 Apr 2024

The first ever 2x and -2x spot bitcoin ETFs hit the market yesterday from ProShares.

$BITU and $SBIT (tickers could have been better). $BITX is 2x but it tracks futures and $BITI is -1x but is also futures. Fee 95bps on both. Haven't traded too much so far, under $1m. Source: Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg

26 Mar 2024

The S&P 500 Energy ETF $XLE just formed a Golden Cross right as it hit a 1-year high

Source: Barchart

19 Mar 2024

Here is the final daily breakdown of bitcoin etfs flows YESTERDAY

in a day when GBTC saw record liquidations (to meet bankruptcy obligations of Genesis and others) and when bitcoin tumbled, Blackrock's IBIT saw a surge of inflows. ETF demand still looks quite strong. Source:

14 Mar 2024

It took the iShares Bitcoin ETF, $IBIT, 8 weeks to hit $15 billion in assets under management.

By comparison, it took the Gold ETF, $GLD, 3 years to hit $15 billion in assets under management, per Zerohedge. At this pace, $IBIT could overtake $GLD in a matter of days...

14 Mar 2024

There it is: dumping of Bitcoin futures to push prices lower and at the same time record buying via bitcoin ETFs at an artificially lower price....

Every day, rinse repeat. Blackrock's ETF just bought the most bitcoin in one day on record. Source:

14 Mar 2024

One billion dollar baby..

Spot BTC ETFs had their first $1+ billion inflow day. Source: Jim Bianco, Bianco Research

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