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19 Feb 2024

Why you should never trade on a curved screen

source: wallstreetbets

19 Feb 2024


I see more and more amateur traders taking scalping training and lessons and engaging into day-trading activities hoping to make quick profits and a living from it. They need to be aware that the vast majority of hashtag#trading strategy are money losing (see this article: The best investment strategy is long-term investing, sticking to a pre-defined strategic assetallocation and rebalancing after extreme moves. What is scalping? A scalping strategy is a short-term trading technique that aims to capitalize on small price movements in highly liquid markets. Traders who employ this strategy, known as scalpers, enter and exit trades quickly, usually within seconds or minutes, to take advantage of small price differentials. But scalping is hard and almost all scalpers end up losing. Scalping is a waste of time because it involves competing with better-equipped traders and institutions and you need to deal with lots of randomness and noise in the market. Most likely you end up losing money.

9 Feb 2024

Despite the Russell 2000 remaining in a bear market, down 20% from its peak in 2021, the S&P 500 reached a new milestone by trading above 5,000 points intraday for the first time ever yesterday.

source: bloomberg

7 Feb 2024

Cocoa is now trading at a new 46-year high after 8 consecutive green days.

In fact, 18 of the last 20 days have been green for Cocoa. It really wants an all-time high! Source: Barchart

17 Jan 2024

BofA's Fund Manager survey shows the mag7 is still the most crowded trade.

Source: BofA

11 Dec 2023

Goldman, Citi ready Trading Desks for new wave of Carbon deals

As the carbon offset market gets a new lease on life from the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, bankers from Wall Street and the City of London are positioning themselves to get a chunk of the dealmaking they say is coming.
Banks that have been building up carbon trading and finance desks include Goldman Sachs Group, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Barclays.
Source: Bloomberg

14 Nov 2023

Has there been a better pairs trade than long US, short world... ever?

This relationship has generated steady alpha for a decade and a half now. Growth over value and large over small have also been excellent long / short pairs. Source: Steven Strazza

6 Nov 2023

Last week "pain trade" in one chart

-> Last week's Risk On move has pushed Hedge Funds to cover their shorts, triggering violent short squeezes. The Goldman Sachs Most Shorted Stocks Basket jumped by 13% over the week. Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

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