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18 Sep 2023

0DTE trading in $SPX options accounts for a record 49% of total trading volume

Source: Markets & Mayhem

15 Sep 2023

Arm Holdings jumps 25% from IPO price in trading debut

Hotly-anticipated IPO was 12-times oversubscribed w/the top 10 clients taking half of the 95.5 million ADRs at $51 each, the top of a marketed range. Source: HolgerZ, Bloomberg

18 Aug 2023

At least a positive (contrarian) news

The SPX Put to call ratio is at its highest since the SVB banking crisis. In a short term view, the 'PUT BUS' is getting crowded and a crowded trade is usually not a good trade. Source: JC Investment

17 Aug 2023

Bitcoin trading volume just hit the lowest point ever recorded

Source: Bitcoin news

14 Aug 2023

Many analysts point their fingers towards the options market for signs of stock market trouble. Goldman says dealers in ‘short gamma’ for first time this year

Meanwhile, we have a new 0DTE* options volume record. *Zero days to expiration options, or 0DTE options for short, are options contracts that expire and become void the same day that they’re traded. When an option reaches this stage, there’s not much more time left to act on the right to buy or sell the underlying asset. The window is small, and the move that the trader is plotting needs to happen fast. 0DTE options trading has entered the mainstream in recent years and is a popular premium collecting strategy. Source: www.zerohedge,com, Bloomberg, investopedia

4 Aug 2023

Who is the most active congressional trader?

Well, the answer lies with Josh Gottheimer, a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey's 5th congressional district. 📈His trade volume is significantly higher than the next most active trader💰! Source: Genuine Impact

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