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4 Dec 2023

Sentiment is turning bullish. Bears in the AAII sentiment poll moved from over 50% to under 20% during November

This is the lowest bearish % since Jan 2018 (which followed 2017's record 12 straight up months). What changed? Prices. The S&P 500 gained 8.9% in November, one of its best months ever. $SPX Source: Charlie Bilello

28 Nov 2023

November has been a very long month of frustration for the bears

Source: Trend Spider

15 Nov 2023

It looks like the bears are throwing the towel...

Burry's bet against America..

27 Oct 2023

The Greatest Treasury Bear Market in History

Source: BofA, Barchart

11 Oct 2023

This is by far the longest bond bear market in history, at 38 months and counting...

Source: Charlie Bilello

9 Oct 2023

Relative performance of prior bull market leader vs. the next bull market leader (beginning of bull market = 100)

Source: BofA, TME

9 Aug 2023

Property values in commercial real estate are beyond bear market territory

- Office buildings are down nearly 30% over the last year ALONE. - Apartments down 15% and underperforming malls. - Hotels are flat as markets await a potential drop in consumers spending. - Real estate markets are feeling the effects of higher interest rates. Source: The Kobeissi Letter, Bloomberg

2 Aug 2023

July was a painful month for the bears


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