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29 Feb 2024

Bubbles out into perspectives...

Source: Refinitiv

23 Feb 2024

Are Mag7 stocks in a bubble?

No doubt, in some ways they are really pricey BUT as shown by this work from Sonus Varghese on this important question, fundamentals justify to some extent their dominance. Since 2021, NVDA stock is up 130%, yet earnings are up 231%. And other Mag 7 names are similar... Source: Carson, Ryan Detrick

19 Feb 2024

Is this time different?

Source: Markets & Mayhem, BofA

19 Feb 2024

A history of bubbles from BofA shows we may still be in the very early stages of an AI bubble.

Source: BofA, TME

12 Feb 2024

Lots of talk about a bubble in AI/Mag 7...

At this point, valuations at the top are no where near as frothy as they were at the height of the Dot Com Bubble. The 5 largest stocks traded at 43x Fwd PE in March ‘00, a 59% premium to the Mag 7’s current multiple of 27x. Source: David Marlin, Goldman Sachs

1 Feb 2024

BUBBLES = Super-short-term gambling (zero days to expiration options)... is now running at 50% of the daily flow

Source: Keith McCullough, Bloomberg

7 Nov 2023

For only the 3rd time in the last 50 years, commercial bank credit has declined by more than 2%

The other 2 times were the peak of the Dot Com Bubble and the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis. Source: barchart

18 Oct 2023

Did President Biden pop the AI nvidia bubble?

A similar boom/bust head & shoulders already happened in the recent past... Source: Bloomberg,

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