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9 Feb 2024

Over the past twelve months, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Meta have produced a combined operating cash flow of $476.9 billion.

For three consecutive quarters, from Q2 to Q4, these five companies collectively generated over $100 billion each quarter. source : bloomberg

7 Dec 2023

The Federal Reserve lent out roughly $200B in overnight cash on Wednesday through its standing repo facility

This is the highest amount since the onset of covid. What's going on? Is another repo crisis looming? Source: Win Smart, CFA

29 Nov 2023

US households still have an estimated $433 billion in excess savings remaining from the 2020-21 stimulus programs

Source: TME

27 Nov 2023

Hong Kong local bank rate (HIBOR) jumped to its highest level in 16 years

Source: Barchart, Bloomberg

27 Nov 2023

Nothing new, but imagine the huge cash pile starts feeling the equities FOMO...

Source: BofA, TME

20 Nov 2023

US stocks (Russell 3000) less the Mag 7 is up only +2.95% this year. It is thus underperforming cash for the second straight year.

Source: Jim Bianco

15 Nov 2023

Apple cash warchest put into perspective

by Linas Beliūnas

26 Oct 2023

The money market yield spike upends a ton of business models. In this case, landlording in the US

Inded, multifamily cap rate is now BELOW cash rate... Source: Jeff Weniger

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