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13 Feb 2024

In Case You Missed It: On February 8th the Wall Street Journal reported that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman wants to raise up to $7 trillion

For a “wildly-ambitious” tech project to boost the world’s chip capacity, funded by investors including the U.A.E. — which in turn will vastly expand its ability to power AI models. To put numbers in perspective: $7 TRILLION is around ~10% of global GDP…Or the combined market cap or BOTH Microsoft & Apple. That means he wants to totally reshape the global semiconductor industry. By the way, where will all the energy needed come from? Source: VB, Creative Capital, WSJ

23 Jan 2024

Taiwan semiconductor $TSM, the world's largest contract chip manufacturer, forecast 2024 revenue to grow more than 20% thanks to booming demands for high-end chips used in AI applications

Taiwan Semi's main customers include AMD $AMD, Nvidia $NVDA, Qualcomm $QCOM, Intel $INTC, Apple $AAPL, and Broadcom $AVGO. Source: Jesse Cohen

22 Jan 2024

More to come for semiconductors? The chart below shows a 24-yr base breakout for semiconductors RELATIVE to the S&P 500 $SOX $SPX

Source: Steven Strazza

15 Jan 2024

Taiwan Semiconductor is trading at a political discount, which is unlikely to narrow after the election of the China-critical candidate Lai Ching-te.

Source: Bloomberg, HolgerZ

11 Jan 2024

A few days ahead of Taiwan election... Taiwan: the island that matters - or why Taiwan is important to China, USA and the rest of the world...

Imagine the implications of any blocade or invasion on the semiconductor value chain and the magnificent7... Source: BBC

11 Dec 2023

Breaking down the AI semiconductor ecosystem:

While $NVDA gets most of the attention, AI is additive to most of the semiconductor industry. Source: Eric AITechInvesting

6 Dec 2023

A picture is worth 10,000 words...

By: Raman Khanna

6 Dec 2023

High R&D spending does NOT guarantee growth and/or high shareholder returns

The chart below courtesey of Eric | AI & Tech Investing shows semiconductor companies ranked by R&D over the last 12 months. $INTC $QCOM $NVDA $AMD $TSM lead the way. Intel has spent over $100B in R&D over the last decade. Despite that, they have the 2nd lowest shareholder return of all these companies (see addt'l chart below). Intel has generated $52.9B in revenue over the last twelve months. A decade ago, Intel generated $52.4B in revenue. An important cautionary tale for investors: R&D doesn't guarantee growth. Source: Eric | AI & Tech Investing

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