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3 Apr 2024

The Imminent Inclusion of Indian Sovereign Bonds in EM Bond Indices is Attracting Huge Foreign Inflows👇

Source: Neha Sahni, JP Morgan

17 Oct 2023

EM Middle East Sovereign Bonds Impacted by the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Since the commencement of the Israel-Palestine conflict, the 5-year CDS (Credit Default Swap) for Middle East sovereign bonds has experienced a significant surge. 📈 Notably, the market's response doesn't reflect heightened concern. This is evident as US equities have continued to climb since the conflict's onset, while interest rates have surged back to previous highs. 📈📊 Thus far, the impact has primarily reverberated in the commodities market, with fluctuations affecting oil and gold prices. Additionally, the Middle East sovereign countries in the EM (Emerging Markets) segment have also felt the repercussions. 🛢️💰 Is the market right to be this complacent in the face of ongoing geopolitical tensions?


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